Aims Of Public Health

When talking about health, we usually think of typical clinician dealing with individual patients and their health issues, so it’s kind of hard to explain what public health refers to.

The science of public health addresses health at the public level dealing with different groups of people. Groups may involve community, country’s population or even global population. Groups also include both, ill and healthy people.

By not really precise definition, public health term refers to all measures applied in order to promote health, prevent disease, prolong life and increase life’s quality among the population.

To simplify things a bit, public health professionals are focused on understanding and acting.

Understanding involves monitoring of certain population and identifying health issues and priorities. Analyzing environment, risk factors, various exposures and many other influences to people’s health, so as the relationship between these influences and the mere triggering of illness. They carry out surveillance, research and experiments to gather information necessary for understanding health risks, conditions and fluctuations in some populations. According to the results of all those conducted researches, public health professionals plan and conduct different interventions in order to keep healthy people healthy and to provide care and management to sick ones or those at high risk.

The first main aim of public health is to promote healthy behavior and appeal to decreasing risky and bad habits.
This refers to the promotion of various healthy diets, exercises and some health controls, so as to decreasing of smoking, drinking and similar threatening factors. Public health also deals with control of air pollution, radiation, even stigma and discrimination, when it comes to emotional health.

Another aim is to propose public policies or argue changes of existing ones in order to solve health problems considering the whole population. Constant monitoring and controlling of population’s health, so as surveillance over particular preventable and curable diseases, also known as screening methods also fall under the field of interest of public health professionals.

One of the best examples of public health activities is a quite popular issue of vaccination and control of infectious diseases. There are also matters of food and water control, traffic safety, safety conditions of various workplaces and many other similar issues.

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